AviClear is the first and only FDA-cleared laser for treating mild, moderate, and severe acne on the face. AviClear is safe and effective for all types of skin and skin tones, and patients have experienced major improvements in just a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions About AviClear
How does it work?

AviClear uses the power of laser light to selectively target and suppress oil-producing sebaceous glands, eliminating acne at the source without prescription medications. The laser safely and effectively delivers a 1726 nm beam of energy to the skin to specifically target and suppress the sebum that, when combined with dead skin cells and dirt, causes clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Unlike other acne treatments, AviClear is proven to stop sebum production and prevent pimples from forming in the first place. Not only does it reduce existing acne, but clinical trials have shown that future breakouts are less frequent, less severe and shorter overall.

How many treatments are needed?

Three easy 30-minute treatment sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

How does it feel?

AviClear is equipped with exclusive skin cooling and sensory controls that maintain skin’s temperature during treatment for a more comfortable experience. During treatment, you may feel a slight snapping sensation. Upon request, additional comfort measures can be offered during your visit, including additional procedural cryotherapy, and/or nitrous oxide.

When can I see results?

Like most acne laser treatments, multiple sessions are required for optimal, long-lasting results. In clinical trials, 87% of AviClear patients who completed three treatments at 3–4-week intervals noted that at least half of their acne resolved after 6 months.

New 12-month clinical findings show overall improvement increases to 92%, confirming the continual improvement of acne clearance and skin quality over time. Studies also demonstrate that three-fourths of patients showed significant improvement and two-thirds of patients were assessed as clear or almost-clear 12 months after their final treatment session.

Am I a candidate?

AviClear is designed to treat all types of moderate to severe acne (e.g., cystic, inflammatory, and hormonal), so anyone who struggles with acne can benefit.

How long does AviClear last?

Clinical trials show that current and future breakout episodes are shorter, less intense, and more infrequent. Further, acne clearance results continue to improve over time, demonstrating long-term efficacy.

What are the risks and/or side effects?

Compared to other acne treatments, such as prescription topicals, oral medications, and alternative lasers, AviClear is extremely safe, comfortable and painless, and poses minimal risks. Side effects associated with AviClear include slight post-procedural redness or a mild short-term acne flareup following the treatment.

After AviClear Treatment

In addition to being short in duration, an AviClear treatment requires virtually zero downtime. While patients may experience some mild swelling or redness, they can get on with their lives immediately after treatment and will not need to make drastic changes to their skin-care routines.