EMSCULPT is the latest technology in body contouring. EMSCULPT works to help tone specific areas of the body by simultaneous stimulation of muscle and/or removal of fat.

EMSculpt works by using HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy that targets the motor neurons that innervate muscle. This induces supramaximal contraction that cannot be conventionally achieved through exercise. Increased muscle’s metabolic demand forces the body to respond by remodeling the targeted areas.

EMSculpt is able to treat

  1. larger body areas including the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs
  2. small more curved areas of the body including the arms, inner thighs, flanks, and calves

During the course of the 30 minute treatment, we gradually increase the intensity of the treatment specifically to the individual’s tolerance. The treatment combines a working phase, which includes the strengthening component, and a resting phase to help the muscle recover by breaking down metabolic byproducts such as lactic acid.

The treatment is not painful, but can get mildly uncomfortable with increasing intensity. We recommend for patients to regulate their breathing with each contraction and relaxation of the muscle; patients are instructed to exhale during the contraction and inhale during the relaxation of the muscle.

To ensure optimal results, the protocol requires the patient to do two treatments once a week for two weeks. This is a total of 4 sessions over 2 weeks with about 2-4 days in between with maximal clinically significant results achieved 4-6 weeks from the last treatment.

EMSculpt is able to address both aesthetic and medical concerns. The treatment allows for optimal toning of the muscle and providing the patient with amazing aesthetic results. EMSculpt treatments have also been shown to help treat other conditions as well including separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), chronic back and abdominal pain, and poor posture.

EMSCULPT has no major side effects. Patients may report that they have minor soreness, fatigue, and/or an increase in thirst post-treatment. Otherwise, EMSCULPT is extremely safe and non-invasive technology.

EMSCULPT is not recommended for patient’s with the following:

  • Metal Implants
  • Recent Surgery
  • Pregnancy
  • Active Hernias

Past medical and surgical history should always be discussed with Dr. Reszko prior to receiving treatment.