Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the palms, feet face, and underarms can be treated with a simple 15-30 minute outpatient session of BOTOX/DYSPORT/Xeomin/Jeuveau.

Anesthesia of the area to be treated is sometimes obtained with a topical anesthetic (applied at home a few hours before treatment) and/or local application of ice.

The effect of BOTOX/DYSPORT/Xeomin/Jeuveau injection begins to be apparent 2-3 days after the injection session, and lasts 6-12 months. Side effects are minimal to non-existent, and include injection related discomfort and minor bruising.

Frequently Asked Questions About Excessive Sweating
Does a BOTOX/DYSPORT/Xeomin/Jeuveau injection hurt?

Application of a topical anesthetic cream and/or ice compresses for several minutes prior to BOTOX/DYSPORT/Xeomin/Jeuveau treatment will effectively numb the area.  When BOTOX/DYSPORT is injected, you may feel a slight stinging sensation that quickly subsides.

Is BOTOX injection safe?

BOTOX® has an excellent safety profile. It has been used by neurologists and ophthalmologists for the past 17 years to correct facial tics and to relax the eye muscles responsible for lazy eye. No toxic effects of BOTOX®/Dysport®/Xeomin/Jeuveau have been reported.

Is There Any Danger of Botulism from Treatment?

Botulism occurs when large amounts of the toxin are ingested into the system, usually from eating contaminated food. Doses of about 3,000 units are considered highly toxic. For cosmetic treatment you will be receiving only about 10-200 units, far less than a toxic dose.